Strategic Elements



The Department’s Vision is tobecome a centre of excellence that creatively disseminates, preserves and promotes African indigenous languages, literatures and cultural knowledge and practices in the region and beyond.



The Department’s Mission is to advance the intellectual and professional capacity as well as generate knowledge proactively in the fields of African languages, literature and cultural wisdom for the benefit of the Botswana nation and the international community.



In order to fulfil its mission, the Department of African Languages and Literature wants to ensure that the following core Values serve as its guiding principles in the role it plays in learning, teaching, training, research, service and academic leadership:

  • Botho - promote mutual respect and respect for human and intellectual property rights;
  • Accountability accept responsibility and be prepared to answer for our actions;
  • Proactiveness – be dynamic and always ready to act positively;
  • Commitment to multilingualism and multiculturalism – emphasize unity in diversity and spirit of nationhood;
  • Creativity and innovation -   encourage creativity, critical thinking, innovative ideas and reward excellence;
  • Gender sensitivity -  sensitize and be sensitive to gender issues in all we think, say, decide and do;
  • Transparency  – encourage mutual consultation, information dissemination, and openness;
  • Adaptability – be sensitive to all types of situations and ready to adapt to positive ideas and techniques.
Contact Details :
Block 239 rooms 201 and 203