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Strategic Elements




The University of Botswana will be a leading academic centre of excellence in Africa and the world.



To advance the intellectual and human resource capacity of the nation and the international community.


Guiding Principles

The aspirations of Vision 2016 and the implicit role for the University of Botswana in its realisation provide the framework for determining much of the work of the Foundation. The strategic contributions to be made by the University of Botswana in the realisation of the Vision are summarised in the document Shaping Our Future and those activities most relevant to the Foundation would include:
  • Increasing access, equity and participation in higher education; 
  • Exploring the potential of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to deliver teaching and learning in new and effective ways; 
  • Providing quality, relevant academic and professional programmes that are responsive to national needs; 
  • Engaging the wider community in Botswana to enable individuals and groups to realise their full potential through dialogue, activity and cooperation; 
  • Increasing research and scholarship at the University that underpins the realisation of Vision 2016 and realise the mission of advancing knowledge; 
  • Broadening the academic and cultural diversity of the University. 


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