About Us


 The main aim of CesrIKi from the onset was to bring researchers from various disciplines to carry out research on Indigineous Knowledge (IK). Our approach has always been multidisciplinary. It was realised that various discplines were operating on their own to understand various research questions and this defeated the idea of understanding issues from different angles (discplines). The university is organised into Departments and we hardly know what other researchers do and the idea of bringing researchers from various disciplines was regarded as a noble idea to break academic boundaries (silos).

The specific objectives of the Center are:
  • To contribute to national economic development and poverty alleviation by exploring Botswana’s comparative advantage in natural resources and indigenous knowledge systems through interdisciplinary research
  • To engage in training (masters, doctoral and post-doctoral) research, technology and business innovation programs that will help generate the critical mass and cross-disciplinary synergies taking advantage of the opportunities that are now available in the post-genomic era
  • To translate IKS into innovative processes for the benefit of communities
  • To develop IKS conscious scientists who will have reciprocal relationships with both rural communities and the formal sector.
  • To support a paradigm shift in pedagogical approaches to ensure that the local communities endowed with natural resources will actively participate in applied and basic research initiatives for the present and future generations of scientists who will promote people-to people learning.
  • To provide support on advocacy and policy development in relation to IKS
  • To be an intellectual and cultural centre that generally draws upon the indigenous knowledge base and promotes Botswana’s social and cultural heritage.


CesrIKi has been very active as attested by the number of projects that we have done. The below projects involved researchers from various disciplines and we also managed to attract funds from international agencies.
The following projects have successfully been carried by CesrIKi:
  1. Documentation and validation of medicinal plants used for managing reproductive health and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Ngamiland and North-Eastern Botswana(2011)
  2. Development of the ‘Matwetwe’ IKS Expert System (2010)
  3. ‘Matching funds to integrate Screens-to-Nature and ethnosurvey to document and validate indigenous knowledge systems in Botswana’(2010)
  4. Dissemination workshop: Documentation of indigenous knowledge systems in Botswana(2010)
  5. ‘Case study: Partnerships strengthening higher education stakeholder relations in Africa’ (2011)
  6. Drugs that target multiple receptors for anthelmintics’ (p-ANPL)
    Phase II (Lead Identification) (2011)
  7. ‘Consultancy to develop a National Indigenous Knowledge Systems policy’(2011)
  8. Increasing community awareness and utilization ofindigenous grains to improve nutrition security andlivelihoods in Botswana and Namibia.(2010)
  9. Drugs that target multiple receptors for anthelmintics (p-ANPL)
    Phase I (Establishment of partnerships and bioassay technology transfer)(2008) 
  10. Screens-to-nature: Developing novel strategies for natural product-based drug discovery for tropical diseases’(2008)
  11. Documentation and promotion of indigenous knowledge-based solutions for Botswana’ (Ethnosurvey and Seminar Series)(2008)

Contact Details :
4775 Notwane Rd. Gaborone, Botswana Private Bag UB 0022. Tel: +(267) 355 0000 Gaborone, Botswana