1. What programme do we offer?

    Certificate in Library & Information Studies  (Winter School only)
    Diploma in Library and Information Studies
    Certificate In Archives and Records Management
    Diploma in Archives and Records Management
    Bachelors Degree in Library and Information Studies
    Bachelor of Arts – Library and Information  Studies
    Bachelor Degree in Information Systems (Information Management)
    Masters in Library and Information studies
    Masters in archives and Records Management 
    PhD in Library and Information Studies
  2. How Do I Withdraw From a Course?

    Regulation 00.711 states: Withdrawing refers to withdrawing from all courses for which a student is enrolled for a given semester, and therefore the student is no longer enrolled. The withdrawal application should be lodged through the relevant Head of Department and Dean’s office.
  3. How Do I Withdraw From the University?

    Regulation 00.712 states: A student may officially withdraw from the university by voluntarily terminating enrolment during a semester which is in progress. Such a student shall not receive any credit for courses taken during the semester.  If such a student subsequently enrols in the university the courses previously taken shall be treated in accordance with regulation 00.41 

    Regulation 00.713 states: A student who withdraws prior to the end of the eighth week of a semester or who withdraws after the eighth week of a semester where there are documented acceptable extenuating circumstances, will receive a grade of “W” (withdrawn) otherwise a zero mark will be recorded for any graded component not taken. 

    Regulation 00.715 states: A student who has withdrawn from the university may re-enter the programme subject to quota restrictions and compliance with existing programme requirements. The university does not guarantee to offer the same courses as at the time the student withdrew from the university.
  4. What is the relevance of GPA’S?

    Regulation 00.253 states: Academic Good Standing: Students are in academic good standing at the university when their cumulative grade point average is 2.00 or above. Such students are considered to be making satisfactory progress toward a qualification. 

    Regulation 00.254 states:  Academic Warning:  Students may be placed on academic warning for failure to make satisfactory progress toward a qualification. Students whose cumulative grade point average is between 1.99 and 1.51 (the actual lower limit is dependent on the number of attempted credits a student has as indicated in regulation 00.9) may be placed on academic warning for their subsequent semester of enrolment. Students on academic warning may not enrol for more than 16 semester credits. They are encouraged to seek appropriate advice and services from relevant offices. 


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