Strategic Elements




The department is driven by a vision captured in the following statement:
“Our vision is to be a world class school of Architecture and Planning, built on deep appreciation of African and International values, engaged in a qualitative and meaningful pursuit of knowledge in order to fulfil the aspiration of the community in the continuing search for humane and working environment”.


Supporting the Mission and Core Values are the Department of Architecture and Planning Objectives:
  • Promote excellence in teaching, research and community service, to instil in students the lifelong skills of learning and enquiry and commitment to community.
  • Provide a quality education for professional architects and planners
  • Promote continuing professional development across the fields of architecture and planning.



The core values formulated here indicate the culture we wish to create within the department as we pursue the mission and vision articulated above. The Community of staff, students, administrators and teachers in the department adhere to the following core values:
  • To always perform up to the highest measure of competence
  • To pursue relentlessly the essence of knowledge, to know the truth
  • To work as a team, recognizing the vital role played by each member of the academic staff, students, non-academic staff and those in the administrative structure of the university.
  • To interact and share knowledge and information
  • To be protective of the beauty and diversity of the natural environment upon which we focus our activities.

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