Strategic Elements



In line with the UB mission statement, the following are formulated as the Goals and Objectives of the department:-


  • To provide highly qualified graduates who will be able to adapt to the working environment and discharge their duties to meet employment requirements.
  • To be responsive to the needs of electrical engineering requirements in industry.
  • Electrical Engineering ALUMNI Association will be formed to enable the department to receive feedback on the needs of industry and to keep a data base of Electrical Engineering graduates
  • To respond to the needs of electrical industry through research, consultancy, advisory, and other relevant services needed. 
  • To prepare the graduates to be able to pursue further studies in their relevant electrical engineering and technology disciplines.
  • To be in constant touch with industry to determine and fulfill any needs which may be presented from time to time.
  • To contribute to the Economic Growth of Botswana.
  • To get the programme accredited and thereby have international recognition



To achieve these goals; 
  • Staff of the department visit industry with the view to assessing their needs, and surveying the possible areas for research and consultancy 
  • Seminars, workshops and short courses are conducted 
  • Research work is activated
  • Introduction of new Computer applications and applications needed for research. 
  • Industrial visits with students is being encouraged
  • MSc Programmes in Electric Power Engineering and Telecommunication and Electronic Systems Engineering, MPhil and Phd programmes have been developed to enhance the research activities of academic staff and provide additional focused research projects applicable to Botswana. Some research projects will be developed in collaboration with industry.
  • Links with Industry and Other Universities are being explored and memorandum of understanding will be established to ensure an effective implementation of the links.
Our main objective is to teach students; to develop their skills, to prepare them to be self-confident, and to professionally meet industry challenges head-on with minimum assistance. The department is also putting in a place a research culture where students are encouraged to do research projects. Staff are accessed yearly based on their teaching outcomes, research outputs and other services.
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