The Department of Home Economics Education was established in August 1994 to address the pressing needs for qualified Home Economists and Home Economics teachers in Botswana. Two programmes were initially designed: a four-year Degree programme and a three-years Diploma programme. Intake for the Degree programme started in August 1994 while that for Diploma was one year later. The number of students admitted in each programme ranged between 20 and 25.

The first group of both programmes graduated in 1998. The number of academic staff was two in 1994. It started to grow up during the years as the Department was growing and it stands at 11 in the year 2002. The first two Staff Development Fellows were recruited in 1999. In an effort to improve the programmes offered the Department has been continuously reviewing them. Feedback from employers and graduates was used as part of the evaluation and helped in the review. The Department started to offer semester courses (instead of year-long courses) for Degree students in August 1998, long before the whole University ventured in the semesterised system. Now, the Department follows the University-wide semesterised system. One of the decisions that came as a result of review of programmes was the phasing-out of the Diploma programme that started in 2002.

When the Diploma programme is completely terminated the intake for the Degree programme is expected to double. The Department has also designed four areas of concentration to allow students to study in depth the area of their choice. These areas are: food and nutrition, clothing and textile, human development and family studies, and housing and interior design.

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