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Teaching Practice (TP), a teaching internship and/or fieldwork undertaken by prospective teachers forms an essential component of all the teacher education programmes offered by the University of Botswana Faculty of Education. Subject to Departmental Regulations, the Faculty of Education Teaching Practice Regulations and the UB General Regulation 00.2127, TP is a 3-credit core Winter Course taken during the long vacation between May and August by specified groups of student teachers
The general aim of TP is to introduce prospective teachers to teaching and its routines under the guidance of a qualified professional within a broader framework of developing the skills, attitudes and competencies in the profession. Some of the key focus areas in the exercise include:

  • Fostering links between educational theory and practice of teaching;
  • Developing student teachers ability to set relevant expectations for pupils through a range of teaching strategies appropriate to their age and ability;
  • Developing the ability to select and use appropriate teaching resources;
  • Making student teachers aware of the complex nature of the teaching and learning processes in the school and its environment;
  • Mentoring and assessing student teachers according to the requirements of their respective teacher education programmes.


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