This Department, originally called the Demography Department, was established under United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) sponsorship as a unit of the Department of Statistics in 1982. It then became an independent Department (of Demography) in 1985. UNFPA withdrew its support after 1985 and the University took it over as one of the eight Departments under the Faculty of Social Sciences. The Department of Demography changed its name to the Department of Population Studies in 2001 when the Population and Development programme was incorporated into the Department. Since its inception, the Department has expanded both in terms of its teaching programme and academic staff. It offers 17 Masters Degree Courses, 22 Degree courses, 8 diploma courses and 2 General Education Courses. It has 13 fulltime academic staff and a fulltime secretary for the department.

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4775 Notwane Rd. Gaborone, Botswana Private Bag UB 0022. Tel: +(267) 355 0000 Gaborone, Botswana