Strategic Elements



Main objectives of the Department are to achieve excellence in all its functions, namely, teaching, research, manpower development, and statistical consultancy and to provide leadership in the development of statistical methodology that is suited for Botswana economy.


The Department of Statistics at the University of Botswana will be an excellent center for statistical learning, research and consultancy in this continent and will be the apex body to provide the necessary leadership and advice for any decision making process involving statistical methodology, to the government and non-governmental organizations in Botswana seeking such supports.


The mission of the department of Statistics is to offer high standard of service, training, education, and produce research contributions and service in the field of Statistics, for Botswana, SADC, statistical world at large.

Excellence in Teaching

The teaching strength of the Department has always been in its under graduate and graduate programmes reflecting the concern the Department has to provide a balanced mix of both theory and applications of statistical methodology that is suited for each sister discipline. For the single major degree programme and for the graduate programme the required solid mathematical foundation is provided not discarding the necessary application flavour that is embedded in Statistics.

Excellence in Research

Research is an important part of the work of the staff of the department. This research covers theoretical and applied areas and is published as widely as possible in relevant publications. Emphasis has also been placed on production of appropriate teaching materials. To this end textbooks and teaching manuals for courses at the University level have been produced and used.


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