1. Application and Admissions
What is DABS?
DABS is an acronym for Diploma in Accounting and Business Studies. This a Diploma programme in the Area Business. DABS is a three year part-time programme. The entry requirements are spelt out in the application form and are; credits in English and Mathematics and any other 4 subjects with points totaling to 30 or more.

The classes for the programme run in the evening from 1800hrs t0 2030hrs from Monday to Friday. It should be noted that some classes will run on Saturdays and Sundays depending on prior arrangements made by students and their lecturers in class.

When do I apply for admission into the DABS Programme?
Thank you for showing interest in our DABS programme. Applications into this programme are released as soon as the BGCSE results are publicized. One can lodge an application usually in February/ March depending on the release of BGCSE results.

Fresh Admissions into this programme are only in July when the academic year for the University of Botswana for part-time programmes starts. We do not have Mid-year entry except for continuing students (that is those who had frozen their studies before completion of the programme).

2. Financial
How much will it cost to enroll in the DABS programme?
The year’s fees are usually stated in the application form package. The fees are usually revised upwards on a yearly basis.

3. Academic
What subjects does DABS constitute of?
The programme currently runs in Seven Centres around the country (Gaborone, Lobatse, Jwaneng, Mahalapye, Selebi Phikwe, Francistown and Maun). Students can choose to enroll in any of the centres which are convenient to them. The programme constitutes of 24 subjects that should be completed in the prescribed three years. In Year 3 second semester, students can choose to specialise in Accounting or Management or Marketing. Please note that the Specialisations are only offered in Gaborone Centre.

The breakdown of the subjects is as follows;
(Open Frequently Asked Questions_AprilMamane.docx to cut and paste tables for years 1, 2 and 3 in this location on website)

4. Miscellaneous
The Handbook covers most of the information that a current or prospective student would like to know. For further questions do not hesitate to call 355-5133.


Short Courses FAQs
1. What minimum qualifications does one need to enrol in short courses?
There is no academic minimum qualification. One needs to have a good understanding of the English language.

2. How do I register for short courses?
After paying, proceed to CCE building (block 243) offices 108, 114, and 135.

3. Where do I pay the course fee?
At cashier’s office in the administration block (red building at opposite the northern gate).

4. Can I pay in instalments?
No. Full payment is expected before the course commences.

5. I live outside Gaborone. Can I deposit tuition in your bank?
Yes you can. Please provide proof of payment on the first day of the course during registration.

Bank: Standard Charted Bank
Account no: 0100110109600 Mall Branch

6. What time does training start?
Training starts at 08:00a.m and ends at 4:00pm.

7. Do participants write tests/exams in short courses?
No, they don’t.

8. Do we get certificates at completion of the training?
A certificate of attendance is issued, for all short courses.

9. Are short courses only offered in Gaborone campus?
They are also offered in Francistown campus.

10. Does the Centre conduct in-house training?
Yes, it does.

11. Does CCE provide accommodation to course participants?
CCE does not provide accommodation. However, there are a couple of B&B’s, motels and hotels within the vicinity of the university.

12. Are meals provided during training?
The Centre provides morning tea and lunch only.


1. What is the tuition cost per credit?
The current rate is P639 per credit depending on University of Botswana's annual adjustment, for all courses offered by the University during 2012/2013 academic year. There are other fees levied relating to registration and other processing fees which are stated in the fees schedule provided with the application forms.

2. What is the duration of the programme if I have other qualifications?
See UB Academic Calendar. Entry requirements vary depending on a number of variables as listed in the University Academic Calendar. University regulations 00.52 and 20.2 to 20.25.(link to UB Academic Calendar)

3. Is it possible to pay by instalments?
No, full payment is required for all credits taken.

4. What is the minimum credit for registration per semester?
You are expected to register for a minimum of
6 credits and a maximum of 14 per semester.

5. Why are student Identity cards required during examinations?
The student identity card is the official identification card required for all services at the University of Botswana including for writing tests and examinations. The University reserves the right to deny any student without the student identity card entry into an examination room.

6.How do I access my examination results without going to Academic Services?
Follow these instructions: Log into the UB website, go to Tirisano; from there go to ITS Enabler where you log in with your student number and pin code. If you are not already registered, select the option to register and follow the instructions.

7.How do I apply for Distance Education programmes?
The application process is the same as that for full time programmes except that you tick in the form that you are applying to study through distance education. For more on distance education programmes see theDistance Education Student Handbook.

8.I have completed my studies, where do I get my academic records?
All academic records (transcripts) are issued by Academic Services(Link to Academic Services).

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