The idea to establish a Faculty of Health Sciences dates back to 1995 following a report by a Team on the Feasibility Study to establishment a Medical School in Botswana. The desire to establish the Faculty became more pressing within the University Of Botswana as various developments occurred during NDP 8.

In 1997 the Department of Nursing Education undertook a strategic shift in its teaching, learning and research agendas by moving away from its initial mission of educating and training nurse administrators and nurse teachers through the B.Ed (Nursing) degree programme. With this change in academic focus and thrust, it was envisaged that the Department would find a natural home in a Faculty of Health Sciences.

The launch of the Premedical Programme in 2000 and the accession during 2002/03 to the request to mount a degree in Environmental Health took place concurrently with mid to late NDP8 calls from the Ministry of Health for the University to establish a variety of other degree programmes in the health sciences. Consequently, the University resolved that during NDP9 it would engage in programme development that would be aimed at the long-term objective of establishing a Faculty of Health Sciences. The Ministry of Health, in the process of developing the NDP9 Human Resources for Health Plan (2004 -2009) supported the idea of establishing a Faculty of Health Sciences. On 18th November 2005, the University Council approved the establishment of the Faculty of Health Sciences which would comprise of the following schools:

Other schools e.g. dentistry, pharmacy, etc will be developed as determined by needs and resources.


Contact Details :
Faculty of Health Sciences building (Block 246) on the Second Floor.