Career Opportunities For Science Graduate



 A number of career options are available for graduates of Science. The wide range of programmes offered in the Faculty prepares graduates to enter the world of work in the various sectors of the economy.


The first two semesters of the BSc programme prepare graduates to venture in the varied field of science related programmes within Botswana and the world over. Depending on the grades achieved students can transfer to science related programmes that they want to specialize in.





 Career prospects for degree holders include professional employment in the fields of:





  •  Education (teaching at secondary & tertiary levels, curriculum development in the Ministry of Education)


  •  The civil service (in the various sectors of government, parastatals depending on the area of specialization)


Graduates of specific programmes have been employed in the following fields:




Biological Sciences: The following are a few examples of areas where biologists obtain positions:



 Health care: microbiology, virology, parasitology, immunology, physiology, physiotherapy, histology, physician, dentistry, biophysicists, radiography, radiology, pathology, medicine



  Agriculture: entomology, plant pathology, animal husbandry, plant and animal physiology, genetics, veterinary science, agricultural economics, extension work, aquaculture, forestry, dairy management, viticulture, mycology, horticulture, soil science, water quality control, nematology, quarantine, plant breeding, animal breeding.



  Ecology and Environment: range management, ornithology, taxonomy, museum curation, marine biologists, ecologist, population genetics, botany, zoology, environmental consultancy, conversation, natural history, wildlife warden, watershed management, fisheries biologist, fisheries management, forester, environmental planner, limnology, landscape engineering, ecological modeling, environmental audit, natural resources management, wildlife research, environmental journalism, environmental law, biodiversity conservation, ecological impact assessment.


Food and beverages: brewing industries, quality control, food technologists, microbiologist, product development, food marketing, and dietician.


Chemistry Academic, Analytical laboratories such as at National Environmental Lab, Food Research Centre, the Veterinary Lab, Water Affairs, Forensic Lab, and Mineral processing entities such as BCL, Tati Nickel etc

Environmental Science: Resources management, conservation, settlement, land use planning, rural development, tourism development, environmental education.


Computer Science: Computing academics, computer programmer/analyst, applications programmer, software engineer, hardware engineer, computing network administrator, database administrator, computer systems consultant, marketing representative, information systems manager etc


Geology: Prospective employers include Departments of Geological surveys, Water Affairs Roads etc other employers include mining companies, mineral and groundwater exploration companies, environmental institutions etc.




Physics: Department of Radiation Protection, Botswana Bureau of Standards, Botswana Technology Centre, Scientific Equipment related companies, Renewable Energy companies (e.g. Rural Industries Innovation Centre), Department of Meteorological Services, Scientific laboratories, Energy Affairs Division, Geophysical exploration companies, mining companies, Department of Geological Survey, Botswana Police (e.g. Air Force and communications division), University of Botswana (Staff Development, Demonstrators, Technicians etc.) Pollution Control Division, Scientific Advisors to government, Self employment and consultancy etc.



Mathematics: Mathematicians work in industry for manufacturers, insurance companies, finance companies, banks, market research companies, and as public and private consultants as well as educational institutions.


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