Programmes of Study



The Faculty of Science offers the following Degree programmes

BSc (Computer Science)

BIS (Computer Information Systems)

BSc (Computing with Finance)

BSc (Information Technology)

BSc (Physics with Meteorology)

BSc (Radiation and Health Physics)

BSc (Applied Geophysics)

The Faculty of Science offers the BSc Degree as

  1.  Combined degree (Major/Minor) programme

  2.  Combined degree (Major/Major) programme

  3.  Combined degree (minor/major) programme

  4.  Single major

The choice of subjects for the above programmes will be from:

  • Biological Sciences

  • Chemistry

  • Computer Science

  • Environmental science

  • Physics

  • Mathematics

  • Geology

  • Statistics

  • Finance


Contact Details :
Faculty Of Science 4775 Notwane Rd. Gaborone, Botswana Private Bag UB 0022 Gaborone, Botswana