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Welcome to the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Programme in the Faculty of Humanities. The programme currently offers studies in Theatre arts.


Our Vision

To produce Theatre graduates whose creativity will contribute to innovation and entrepreneurship in the arts in Botswana:

  • The Programme will provide an environment for the development of virtuosity in performance for theatre, film, television and radio. This will be achieved through the investigation of form and meaning, the discovery and mastery of skills, the expansion of boundaries in all aspects of performing arts and the grounding in, and integration of the creative work of graduates in Theatre.


Our Mission

The mission of the Theatre Arts Programme is to provide equal access to quality, standards-based arts instruction in theatre. The programme is dedicated to:

  • Expanding the role theatre plays within UB, the larger community, and Botswana in general in the cultural industries and communication development.
  • Addressing multiple intelligences, creative thinking, cultural diversity and special needs.


Our Objectives

The aims of the Programme are to:

  • Train students to work as professional actors, critics, directors, designers, playwrights, and in associated disciplines, and
  • Play a significant role in the shaping of Botswana culture through continuing research and development in the theory and practice of Drama and Theatre.
  • Develop virtuosity in performance for Theatre.
  • Provide an environment for students to experience, understand, enjoy and value Theatre as a social, collaborative and creative art form and as an expression of culture through making, performing and critically studying Theatre.


Expected Outcomes

Students will develop:

1. Knowledge and understanding about, and skills in, making:

  • Theatre through participation in a variety of Theatrical forms
  • Theatre using a variety of theatrical elements, theatrical techniques and conventions

2. Values and attitudes about the collaborative nature of Theatre

3. Knowledge and understanding about, and skills in, performing

  • using the elements of Theatre in performance
  • in improvised and scripted plays

4. Values and attitudes about the diversity of the art of theatrical performance

5. Knowledge and understanding about, and skills in, critically studying

  • the place and function of Theatre in communities and societies, past and present
  • a variety of forms and styles used in Theatre

6. Values and attitudes about

  • Theatre as a community activity, a profession and an industry.
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