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 HoD: Professor David Kerr


African Popular Theatre (James Currey 1995, winner of the Choice Magazine, Academic Book of the Year Award for 1996, )

Dance, Media Entertainment and Popular Theatre in South East Africa (Bayreuth, 1998, ).

Guest-edited books (both books are in the African Theatre series):

 Southern African Theatre (2006, )

Theatre and Media Performance in Africa, (2011 )



Tangled Tongues (Flambard, 2003,



Passages (Brown Turtle Press, 2008


In addition to the above listed publications, Professor Kerr’s co-authored plays have been performed on stage, or broadcast for radio and television, in Gambia, Italy, Senegal, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, and one co-authored play, Growing Wings has been translated into Italian and French, while 4 other co-authored plays have been published in Botswana, Italy, United Kingdom and Zambia.  He has had poems published in around 30 magazines and anthologies from 5 continents, while book reviews have been published in 17 journals.  Kerr has had short stories published in 11 journals, or anthologies, including African Sexualities: a Reader (Pambazuka 2011,,Botsotso 16, 2012,, New Contrast, 1994 and Again Dangerous Visions, Doubleday, 1972.


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