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The vision for the University of Botswana is to be a leading academic centre of excellence in Africa and the world.  In line with this vision, the Department of Economics aims to be a centre of excellence in the advancement of Economics teaching, and research in the African continent and the world.


The Department’s mission is to advance intellectual and human resource capacity of the nation and international community by providing high standard of Economics knowledge, undertaking research and providing consultancy services and advisory services to Botswana and to the international community.  This is also in line with the University of Botswana’s mission.


As a contribution to the Faculty of Social Sciences and indeed to the University as a whole, the Department of Economics has set out a series of goals in the areas of teaching, research and community services.  These are detailed in the following paragraphs.
  1. To provide service courses in economics to students in other disciplines so as to acquaint them with the subject matter of economics as well as with different theoretical and methodological approaches to explaining economic behaviour;
  2. To provide all undergraduate students with a critical understanding of the basic economic theories and of the relationships between economics and society;
  3. To provide undergraduate honours students with a sufficiently high quality background in economics so as to enable them to successfully pursue post-graduate training programmes either within or outside Botswana;
  4. To provide all undergraduate students with sufficient skills to pursue occupations requiring an application of the basic level of economic theories, tools and techniques;
  5. To equip graduate students with an advanced level of training in economic theories, tools and techniques and with significant research capacity such that they can succeed either in employment as university academic staff and/or researchers or in employment as practising economists/consultants or in positions which require independent research or advisory and consultancy initiative;
  6. To provide teaching services to the non-university organisations as part of the university’s outreach or community service function and to do so in a manner that reflects the University’s general commitment to excellence in teaching;
  7. To encourage the production of textbooks for use in courses taught in the Department and elsewhere and to encourage innovation and technical progress in teaching methods.

Services to other department and faculties

It has been a tradition of the Department to provide services to other departments within the Faculty of Social Sciences and other faculties especially the Faculty of Business. With flexibility encouraged by semesterisation, the Department now provides services virtually to all faculties of the University including Faculties of Sciences, and Engineering and Technology.

Consultancies and research

Areas of research interest and consultancy for the staff are diversified. They include, among others, issues related to:
  1. Agricultural and food security; 
  2. Industrial Economics and Managerial Economics; 
  3. Resource and Environmental Economics; 
  4. Public Policy and Privatisation; 
  5. Labour market, unemployment, poverty and gender; 
  6. Money, banking and finance 
  7. Econometric and CGE modelling; 
  8. International trade including exchange rate 
  9. Health Economics including HIV/AIDS 
  10. Globalisation and Economic development
In addition, the Department has four research teams focusing on the following topics:
  1. HIV/AIDS and Poverty
  2. Poverty, Unemployment, and Women Empowerment
  3. Agriculture, Environment and Economic Development
  4. Globalisation, Privatisation and Trade

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