Office of International Education and Partnerships


Department Overview

OIEP was established in 2006 with a mandate to implement the Internationalization Policy of the University of Botswana.
UB’s Internationalization Goals
Policy on Internationalization (2006)
  • To expand international student and faculty exchange
  • To expand international research cooperation
  • To enhance the internationalization of all curricula
Services offered by the International Office are:
  • Coordination of study abroad and visiting scholar programs.
  • Facilitation of applications for residence permits and visas for students.
  • Assistance to international students in obtaining accommodation.
  • Orientation for incoming and outgoing international students.
  • Cultural excursions for international students each semester.
  • Transportation for new exchange and fulltime students from the airport and bus terminals to campus on the day of arrival.
  • Answering questions, concerns and requests for information from prospective and admitted international students.
  • Advise to students on a variety of issues and making referrals to appropriate professionals /officers on campus or in the community.
  • Liaison with the Academic Services unit to ensure that transcripts and certificates are sent to graduates.
  • Advice to students on general travel information and safety tips locally and internationally.
  • Provision of ongoing support to students while enrolled at the university.
  • Provision of overall welfare of students while on campus.

Our Partners

Distribution of Partnerships by Region
Distribution of partnerships by region
Internationalization Activities at UB
  • 40 active partnerships with universities in 18 countries around the world
  • Special emphasis on Africa and Asia for new partnerships
  • Student exchange and study abroad programmes to Europe, North America and Asia
  • 4% full time students are international
  • Ongoing faculty exchanges and visiting scholars
  • Collaborative research programmes
  • Curriculum development emphasizing cross-cultural fluency – including language and cultural studies in new areas, such as Portuguese and Chinese


Why Partner with UB


  • Internationally oriented institution
  • Reputable academic programmes
  • Strong African studies focus
  • Excellent research opportunities
  • Opportunities to experience and learn about African cultures
  • High quality facilities
  • Situated in a rapidly developing and stable society 


OIEP Staff


Prof. Branko Cavric
Tel: (+267) 355 2615
Office:  block 108/112

Specialisation Areas:
  • Policy Formulation on international education
  • Coordinate development of international agreements
  • Promotion of the  internationalization of the curriculum at UB
Ms Kaboyaone Hiri-Khudu
Deputy Director
Tel: (+267) 355 4139
Office: Block 139/ 121

Specialisation Areas:
  • Academic Advise
  • Assistance to Fulbright and visiting Scholars
  • Overseas student activities & recruitment of international students
Mr Tebogo Magetse
Assistant Manager
Tel: (+267) 355 5145
Office: block 139/120
Specialisation Areas:
  • Immigration & Visa applications
  • International Student Welfare at UB
  • Orientation, Cultural programmes,  &  Community Outreach
  • Accommodation
Ms Buzwani Charity Mocheregwa
Study Abroad Coordinator
Telephone: (+267) 355 4516
Office: block 139/124
Specialisation Areas:
  • Coordinates the implementation of  the study abroad programme
  • Coordinates the winter/Short programs
  • Financial Enquiries
  • Office Administration
Mr Kefentse Monare
Outbound Coordinator
Telephone: (+267) 355 4997
Office: block 139/123
Specialisation Areas:
  • Handles UB students studying abroad
  • Addresses enquiries from UB students who wishes to study abroad
  • Visas, travel arrangements for students going abroad
Ms Violetta Ditshotlo
Incoming Coordinator
Telephone: (+267) 355 4996
Specialization Areas:
  • Study Abroad applications/ admissions
  • Registration for exchange students
  • Transcript issuance
  • Airport pickup and housing for exchange students
Ms Puna Motsamai
Personal Assistant
Telephone: (+267) 355 2029 
Office: block 108/112
Specialisation Areas:
  • Secretarial & Office Administration
  • Arrangements for International visitors
Ms Ompelege Morekwa
Personal Secretary
Telephone: (+267) 355 5334 
Office: block 139/121
Specialisation Areas:
  • ·     Secretarial & Office Administration
  • ·     Office travel, requisitions, supplies
Reception Office
Telephone: (+267) 355 4607
Office:  139/126
Specialisation Areas:
  • Receive visitors and make appropriate referrals
  • Assist with protocol arrangements for
  • International visitors


Contact Details :
Student Centre Building, Block 139, Office 127