About Us

1. Programmes
(i) Bachelor of Nursing Science
The School of Nursing was established initially as the Department of Nursing Education (DNE) in 1978 to offer an undergraduate nursing degree in Bachelor of Education. The aim of this program was to train nurse educators and nurse administrators. This was the first health science program to be established at the university and it was housed in the Faculty of Education.  The program enrolled registered nurses who were up-grading their nursing diplomas to degrees. In 1985, the program started enrolling students from clinical services whose focus was leadership and management. The bachelor of nursing education degree (BEd.) was phased out or converted to bachelor of nursing science (BNS) in 2000. The program enrols both pre-service students (generic) and in-service students (completion). The DNE officially became a School of Nursing within the Faculty of Health Sciences, in June, 2007.
(ii) Master of Nursing Science
In 1996, a Master of Nursing Science (MNS) programme was offered by the Department of Nursing Education. The MNS programme offers specialization courses in the areas of: Community Health Nursing, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Adult Health Nursing, Midwifery, Child and Adolescent Health and Family Nurse Practitioner.
2. Centre of Excellence for the World Health Organization
In 1990 the Department of Nursing Education was designated a World Health Organization Collaborating centre (WHO CC) of excellence for Nursing and Midwifery Development for four (4) years with terms of reference to develop a model of community home based care model. The University of Botswana WHO CC has received subsequent re-designations following the initial designation; with the current re-designation spans from March 2014 –March 2018.
3. Staffing and staff Profile
The School is comprised of academic and non-academic staff. Academic staff holds doctoral and masters degrees as shown below:
Contact Details :
The SON is located in the FHS building (Block 246) on the First Floor. The Head of School is in Office 106/107.