Strategic Elements


TRS Department’s Mission

Before stating the TRS Department’s mission, it should be recorded that it operates from the perspective of contextualization when studying theology, religion, and philosophy. To this end the TRS Department is
  • fully aware of its geographical location in southern Africa; and it is
  • clearly cognisant of the implications when doing theology, practicing religion, and expressing philosophical thoughts within (and even outside) this region.
As part of the Faculty of Humanities, the TRS Department recognizes that the main purpose of the university is to
  • To promote the pursuit of truth and the advancement of knowledge;
  • To provide facilities for higher education; and
  • To serve all those who wish to make an input towards teaching, research, and public service.
Whilst the TRS Department recognizes that its main mission is academic, it is wary of the fact that its various programs, courses, research activities and academic links are geared towards the development of Botswana's human resources.
In this regard the TRS Department endeavors
  • to further the teaching of theology, religion, and philosophy in order to meet the training needs of the nation; and
  • to meet the needs of different stakeholders such as upgrading the skills of teachers in religious education, the training of ministers and pastors in pastoral counseling, and of empowering individuals to think critically.
In addition, the TRS Department commits itself to:
  • to pursue the teaching of applicable courses in theology, religion, and philosophy;
  • to undertake relevant research that contributes to the universal search for knowledge; and
  • to publish its research in books, journals, and reports that appear online and in print.  

Programs and Courses on the TRS Menu 

Looking at our courses and programs one will note the three dimensions in which our worldview is reflected:
  • An ecumenical dimension: one in which the validity of theological, religious and philosophical traditions are recognized, explored, studied, taught and researched;
  • A regional dimension: one in which the significance, legitimacy, and usefulness of new theological, religious and philosophical contributions from the South are recognized; and
  • A local element: this is one in which staff and students are encouraged to undertake in-depth research on theological, religious and philosophical issues in (and beyond) Botswana.

Aims and Objectives

Taking into account the TRS Department’s Mission, it now lists in its Aims and Objectives:
  • To assist students to think critically and creatively;
  • To enable students to acquire a better understanding of humankind as social beings; one that involves the body, soul, and spirit;
  • To help in the training of secondary school teachers by providing training in theology and religious studies subjects which normally form part of secondary school curriculum;
  • To prepare individuals to service both the public and private sectors in order to contribute towards the country's human resources;
  • To stimulate research in the area of theology, religious studies, and philosophy issues that affect the affairs of the nation as a whole;
  • To collaborate with other university departments as well as with other institutions – in and outside Botswana - by mounting viable programs.
Contact Details :
4775 Notwane Rd. Gaborone, Botswana Private Bag UB 0022 Gaborone, Botswana