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The Department of Primary Education currently runs three BEd programs:
  1. BEd Early Childhood Development and Education
  2. BEd Primary Education
  3. BEd Educational Management
BEd Early Childhood Development and Education is designed primarily for Early Childhood Teachers; and also caters to the development of Extension Workers.
The BEd Primary Education is a double major program. Major I comprises of courses related to Primary Education, and Major II comprises of courses related to the Traditional Teaching Subjects (Areas of concentration). This program includes Core courses, Optional courses, Electives and General Education Courses (GEC). The program therefore, translates into five possible combinations of Primary Education and Areas of Concentration as follows:
  • Primary Education and Maths & Science Concentration
  • Primary Education and Languages Concentration
  • Primary Education and Social/Studies Concentration
  • Primary Education and Special Topics Concentration
  • Primary Education and Practical Subjects Concentration
BEd Educational Management program attracts clients from various education sectors such as secondary and primary departments, police, vocational colleges, and general educational administrators from schools. Candidates for the program are both from within and outside the country. In line with vision 2016 and the UB vision and mission, the goal of the program is to provide leadership skills to the various stakeholders of the education sector.
Recently, the BEd Primary Education and the BEd Educational Management programmes have undergone review to meet the current needs, and the updated versions catering to both the Pre-service and In-service Teachers would be launched in the next academic year.
The Department of Primary Education also offers MEd programs in Early Childhood Education, and Language Education. The primary goal of these programs is capacity building in Early Childhood Education, and Language Education in the Southern African region. The programmes are focused on the preparation of high calibre, professionals for pedagogical and research careers in tertiary institutions as well as in the allied institutions/bodies in the education sector in the region.
DPE Programmes Objectives:
At the completion of the programs students should be able to:


  • Provide leadership in the improvement of primary/basic education, in collaboration with other departments and the Ministry of Education.
  • Strive toward becoming a centre of excellence dedicated to improving the quality of teacher education and teaching in the primary schools.
  • Demonstrate understanding of a wide range of issues related to child development, language and literacy, science, social science and mathematics, philosophy of education, educational assessment, research and ICT applications in education.
  • Contribute to the body of knowledge about the educational enterprise in Botswana through research and evaluation undertakings.
  • Strive toward becoming agents of innovation and changes in the field of Pre-Primary, Primary/Basic Education.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills for the education sector.
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University of Botswana, Department of Primary Education, Block 226