List of Services offered by the Division/ Department

Careers Unit

The Unit helps to equip students with career related skills by providing services in;

  • Career counselling
  • Career information
  • Career exploration
  • Job search skills
  • Experiential education
  • Employment and graduate school/further education information and services
  • Engages on research on career issues
  • Provides a variety of occupational tests and assessments


Counselling Unit

The Unit provides;

  • Individual counselling to meet specific needs and on-going problems of each client
  • Group counselling to meet the needs of a group of students with focus on specific issues of concern
  • Crisis intervention for individuals with severe psychological and behavioural difficulties
  • A variety of testing and appraisal services to elicit data on clients during counselling on request
  • Engages on research on various issues of concern to the client served


Job Placement

The Unit promotes employability and employment opportunities of university students and alumni. It also:

  • Widens and strengthens links with potential employers
  • Supports staff already involved in employability skills programmes through collaboration and training
  • Encourages/develops the availability of work experience opportunities such as voluntary work and attachments
  • Coordinates the university student employment
Contact Details :
Student services Centre: Block 139, Second floor