Community Outreach Highlights


1. Establishment of CIUB

The First Session of Chinese language classes began on July 6th, 2009,  and  the formal Launch of Chinese Classes was held on September 10, 2009,

Establishment of CIUB

The students are flanked by Dr. Hua Hua, Chinese Director and Dr. Nobantu Rasebotsa , Founding Director of CIUB.


2. Summer/Winter Camp

It was the first time for CIUB to organize Summer Camp to China in June 5th – 25th, 2010.  It  consisted of 15 CIUB students who immersed themselves in Chinese language and culture e.g  learning about Chinese history, sightseeing  and experiencing Chinese culture. It was a resounding success.

The first Winter Camp which included another group of 15 students followed  on the 17th of December, 2010. They toured for two weeks in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities,  and experienced the unforgettable winter season in China.

Summer-Winter Camp

CIUB winter camp participants, led by Chinese instructor Ms Zhang Xin, visit Imperial Palace Museum (of Beijing), December 2011.


3. Confucius Institute Scholarships

Four CIUB students were awarded Scholarships by Confucius Institute Headquarters in August 2010. They got the opportunity to study Chinese language and culture in Shanghai Normal University for one year.


4. Media Focus and Honour

CIUB always attracts the focus of local media. For example, several local newspapers and Btv have given continuous reports on CIUB’s  big events. While the Minister of Foreign Affairs recognized CIUB as “a window which helps Botswana people know more about China,” the Chinese Embassy too is very pleased with what CIUB has achieved. CIUB is becoming well-known in Botswana.

a. Chinese Textbook published in Gaborone

Friendly Chinese (1), written by a CI instructor, Ms Zhang Xin, was published by Collegium Publishing House in Gaborone in 2011. This is in fact the first Chinese textbook to be published in Botswana by a local press. The publishing house hosted a special launching ceremony for the book’s publication. It was a big event.


b. Excellence Award for Director

Dr Nobantu L. Rasebotsa, CIUB Director, receives an award “Excellence Director” from Li Changchun, a member of the standing committee of CPC political bureau, at the Global CI conference in Beijing, December 2011


c. Outstanding Teacher Award

Chinese instructor, Chen Zhilu, receives award “Outstanding Teacher” from Li Changchun, a member of the standing committee of CPC political bureau, at the Global CI conference in Beijing, December 2010.


5. The establishment of the HSK Test Center

The establishment of the HSK Test Centre at CIUB was authorized by CI Headquarters in 2010, and the first group of 18 students at CIUB wrote HSK Level 1 or Level 2 in December 2010 and were awarded the certificates. HSK, acronym for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi,  is the Chinese Language Proficiency Test set by the Office of Chinese Language Council International, Beijing, and administered to all different levels of Chinese language learners globally.


6. Madam Liu’s Visit

Madam Liu’s Visit

Madam Liu, State Councilor of P.R.China, observing Chinese language class taught by instructor Zhang Xin

Dr Liu Yandong, State Councilor of the People's Republic of China and Chairperson of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, Dr Xu Lin, Director General of CI Headquarters and some other delegates visited CIUB in December 2nd, 2011. During that visit, Madam Liu announced that a set of language lab with 48 seats would be donated to CIUB, and 100 students in Botswana secondary schools and universities would be invited to participate in Summer School in China in 2012.  Subsequent to the invitation by Dr Liu Yandong, Botswana will be sending 79 students from both CIUB and Private Schools to visit China from 10th August to 10th September 2012.

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