Strategic Elements



Promoting health and quality of life through Research, Teaching, and Service related to HIV and AIDS diseases



To be a leading Centre of Excellence: locally, regionally, and internationally in HIV and AIDS research, teaching, and service.



To promote health and quality of life through research, teaching, and service related to HIV and AIDS and related diseases in Botswana, the Southern Africa Region and globally.



The Center upholds the following values which are embedded in the University of Botswana values:

  • Observation of the highest professional and ethical standards in conducting HIV and AIDS research
  • Development of conscientious partnerships
  • Cultural authenticity by ensuring that the diversity of Botswana’s indigenous values and cultural heritage forms an important part of the work of the Centre
  • Transparency, trust, and good governance
  • Production of policy-relevant research
  • Academic integrity
  • Autonomy and leadership through its management committee, independent action, while being responsive to UB and societal needs
  • Social responsibility
Contact Details :
University of Botswana Main Campus, Building 244L, Room 138/9, Gaborone, Botswana