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What the Center Can Do For You?

  • Faculty at UB

    If you are teaching at the University of Botswana, CHAR can help you in your efforts to integrate HIV and AIDS into your courses in a number of different ways.  We will be happy to set a meeting with you and/or your department to review curricula and syllabi, and suggest topics and possible readings in the specific context of your courses.  We can help you identify potential guest speakers for your classes, both from within the university and from outside organizations.

  • Researchers at UB

    CHAR has developed and maintains a directory of current UB faculty and staff who are actively conducting research in areas related to HIV and AIDS.  In addition to helping you to be included in the directory, it also serves as a tool for you to access a wide-rage bibliography of work by other UB researchers on HIV and AIDS in Botswana that is not always available through library or internet search engines.  The directory can also be used to help you identify potential collaborators for current or future projects by summarizing your colleagues’ areas of interest. 

  • Students

    If you are a student at UB, you should use CHAR as a resource for information needed to complete class assignments that may be related to HIV and AIDS.  We will work with you to develop ideas for research papers or projects that may be assigned by your lecturers.  We can help you identify research resources and we would encourage you to use our directory of HIV and AIDS researchers at UB to identify faculty you may want to interview as part of your own research efforts. 
    CHAR annually sponsors a contest to identify and reward the best student research and creative work on HIV and AIDS.

  • Outside Researchers

    CHAR is available to work with outside researchers.  Our directory is published online and we encourage you to use it to identify specific UB faculty researchers who may be able to assist you, or possibly even become collaborators.  If you are planning to come to Botswana to conduct HIV and AIDS-related research, we would encourage you to consider making a more formal institutional affiliation with us for the period of your in-country research activities.  We also encourage outside researchers to present their work at our periodic colloquia.

  • Community Organizations

    If you are a Botswana-based non-governmental organization, CHAR is happy to work with you on any HIV and AIDS-related projects you may have.  While CHAR is not solely a service-providing agency, we can often help you by identifying UB faculty and graduate students to work with you on projects like grant proposals, evaluation studies, or organizational development.

Contact Details :
University of Botswana Main Campus, Building 244L, Room 138/9, Gaborone, Botswana