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The Department of Primary Education (DPE) was established in 1981 through a Botswana-USAID collaboration to improve primary education. It aims to provide excellence in preparation and development of quality basic education and intends to continue the advancement of the intellectual and human resource capacity of the nation through the provision of comprehensive in-service programs. It currently runs three programmes, namely; BEd Primary Education, BEd Educational Management and the BEd Early Childhood Development and Education.
The BEd Primary is a 4 year programme. It is a Double Major degree programme comprised of Primary Education and many Areas of Concentration (the traditional teaching options like Maths & Science, Languages, Social/Studies & Religious education, Special Topics and Practical Subjects). This programme offers a degree in BEd Primary to in service teachers.
BEd Educational Management is also a 4 year programme. It started in 2002 and has attracted clients from various education sectors such as secondary and primary departments, members of the armed forces and police, vocational colleges, and general educational administrators from various sectors. Candidates for this program are both from within and outside the country. In line with vision 2016 and the UB vision and mission, the goal of the programme is to provide leadership skills for the education sector.
The 3rd programme is the BEd Early Childhood Development and Education. It was launched in 2016. This one is also a 4 year programme housed in DPE. To meet market needs, the programme has (2) two specializations namely:
  • Education for teachers, offered by DPE
  • Extension for extension workers, offered by Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (DFCS)


In line with vision 2016 and the UB vision and mission, the goal of the programme is to provide relevant subject matter knowledge, necessary skills and competence to ECE professionals like teachers and inspectorates. 


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