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Office of Vice Chancellor

The Vice Chancellor (VC) is the academic and administrative leader of the institution. S/he establishes and implements a university strategic management plan for efficient use of its resources, human, fiscal, and capital, in compliance with the University of Botswana Act and Statutes. The VC therefore enables the realisation of the vision and mission of the University by coordinating the development of its policies, plans and programmes, based on the strategic overview of the University and its environment.

The Vice Chancellor sits on the University Council and presents the institution’s position and recommendations on various issues and problems. S/he prepares major policy initiatives for council approval.

The VC directs the Senior Management Team responsible for academic, finance and administrative and student affairs functions of the University, and coordinates the activities of these divisions of the University. At the helm of each of the three divisions is a Deputy Vice Chancellor responsible for the respective work. The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs), the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Finance and Administration) and the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs) report directly to the Vice Chancellor on matters relating to these areas.

The Vice Chancellor and the three deputies constitute an executive management team (EMT) which meets regularly to consider major policy issues to ensure sound management and fiscal control and the promotion of good order throughout the institution.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs (DVC AA) provides leadership and advises the Vice Chancellor in the academic area where s/he is responsible for academic policy, plans and formulation and implementation of teaching, research and service programmes and the overall direction of academic support services. The DVC AA is therefore responsible for the development and implementation of effective strategies for teaching and learning across the University and ensures that University becomes aware of best practices and developments in these areas.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs (DVC SA) provides leadership and advises the Vice Chancellor on matters of student affairs, and develops policy for all aspects of student life. Among others, the DVC SA provides consultative and other mechanisms to stimulate dialogue between the University authorities and the student body and promote good government and peace across the University. S/he therefore develops and implements policies on student recruitment, enrolment management, admissions and registration and record maintenance, health, wellness, careers, counseling, sport, culture, sport development and residence life.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration (DVC F&A) provides leadership in the finance and administration areas and provide strategic and policy advice to the Vice Chancellor on financial and administrative matters. S/he is responsible for policy formulation and implementation of the financial, administration, information technology, human resources, security, domestic services, general services and the maintenance of physical resource functions of the University. As such, the DVC F&A is accountable for the financial, human and physical resources of the University and for the quality of the University’s performance

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