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On behalf of staff and students of the Department of Culture, Sports and Recreation, I welcome you to our website.   I am not new to the post as I am the founding Director of the Department which was established in 2000. However at the end of that contract, I went back to the Department of Physical Education as Senior Lecturer and Head of Department.  

The Department of Culture, Sports and Recreation has two units operating under two Managers of Sports & Recreation and Culture & Arts. The University of Botswana sports teams continue to do well in different national league’s most notably the following; UB Kicks ladies soccer, UB Hawks Football Club, UB Rhinos Rugby Club, and the UB Giants Softball Club.  On the Culture side there is a Debate Masters team, UB Culture and Sports Awards, Botswana Teachers Union Choral competitions, Tertiary Institutions Choral Festival, the Kuru Dance Festival and various student clubs and groups. 

From a one man department in 2000, it has grown to 16 member staff including the Director, two Managers, one Assistant Manager, 4 Sports Officers, 1 Culture Officer, 4 Lifeguards, Personal Assistant, Administration Assistant and Office Assistant.  There are also 3 Part-time Lifeguards and 3 Part-time Coaches. Programs and services range from class instruction in aquatics, drop-in fitness and recreation, intramural sports, cultural activities and national league competitions. Recreational and cultural activities are enhanced by our award winning outdoor facilities including a stadium with an eight lane track, a 50 meter outdoor swimming pool, an entertainment arena which accommodates 1500 people and 800 seated spectators, outdoor tennis, volleyball and basketball courts. It is our belief that our Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and our friends are enriched and empowered by the opportunities available in sport and cultural activities.

The Department of Culture, Sport and Recreation at the University of Botswana has a longstanding tradition of supporting staff and students of all ages and abilities in their pursuit of active, vibrant experiences. Health and wellness initiatives have a strong history in recreational sports with traditions rooted in complementing the academic mission of the University. The mission of the University of Botswana Culture, Sports and Recreation department is to continue to educate through the diverse range of resources found in our people and facilities. 

The Department of Culture, Sport and Recreation impacts students' lives by providing them with opportunities to succeed. These opportunities come in the form of responsibility, leadership, conflict resolution, customer service, problem solving and other social skills. By teaching our students about understanding the nuances of human interaction, leading by example, and trusting them with job responsibilities, they gain one of the greatest tools in life-experience.



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