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End Date : 10.09.2014

Start Date : 10.09.2013

Understanding Charitable Donation: A Classification and Behavioral Model

Department : Research and Development

Researcher : Mr. Tendy Matenge

Research Detail:

Understanding Charitable Donation: A Classification and Behavioral Model

The interest in this particular topic of research came about after the University of Botswana (UB) marketing department was approached by an NGO to help formulate a fund raising strategy. Mr Tendy Matenge, a marketing lecturer in UB since three years ago, and his colleagues, Dr Kealesitse and Prof. Marandu, put forth a proposed solution on how the problem can be remedied. It occurred that NGOs in Botswana are finding it hard to come up with ways and means of raising funds to help run their daily businesses. In addition, there is no documentation or any form of literature that supports or could be used to influence their fund raising strategies. It was also found that most NGOs in Botswana rely on international funding and since the recession, Botswana has been listed among some of the growing economies hence the limited aid NGOs in Botswana have received.

The project which is wholly financed by the UB under the Office of Research and Development (ORD) to the tune of P100 000.00 is scheduled to run for two years. The main expected outcome is a theoretical framework that explains donation behavior and classifies donors. With this knowledge, NGOs will be in a better position to know how to approach donors in different segments. The research survey will be divided into three sections being;

1)      Individuals as donors: This aims at understanding what motivates them to donate, whether they donate to gain or it is purely with no expectations.

2)      Organizations as donors: This would seek to find out if organizations have mechanisms in place with regard to donations.

3)      NGOs as recipients of donations: The interest is in finding out what NGOs think of the local donor market.

The results of the study are expected to be of benefit to both the NGOs, government and the general public.

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Office of Research and Development