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End Date : 06.12.2014

Start Date : 06.12.2013

University of Botswana Research Report - 2011

Department : Research and Development


Researcher : Prof. Isaac Mazonde

Research Detail:

In 2008 the University of Botswana approved its first ever University Research Strategy. All three annual Research Reports since then have been reporting on the implementation of that University Research Strategy. The implementation of a research strategy is generally intended to lead to outputs and outcomes, some of which may have a desirable impact. Most stakeholders, including the public, measure the value of the University by the impact it has on their lives, businesses and on both the socio-economic and physical environment. For that reason, this annual Research Report focuses on impact, in line with what is happening in a number of developed countries where the public is now demanding to see, from the universities it supports, greater impact beyond the mere production of graduates. The Report targets the different stakeholders, such as the research and teaching institutions at home and abroad, but also the wider economy, which naturally benefits from the University’s research outputs, as well as the Botswana Government, which funds it.

Contact Details :
Office of Research and Development